Video: Early School Success

Video: Early School Success

We’re excited to share our newest video, a birds-eye overview of Early School Success.

If you are new to the program or want to learn more about how a community-driven process can improve connections between preschool and elementary school, take a look!

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Incentive Metrics for Kindergarten Readiness

SSA Funds for Early Learning

The Power of Partnership: Early Works at Earl Boyles

Video: Early Works at Earl Boyles: The Power of Partnership

Video: Early Works at Earl Boyles: The Power of Partnership

Kids begin learning before they’re even born. By the time children start kindergarten, their brains are already 90 percent developed. Children’s Institute believes our education system can do more for kids during this critical period of development. Neighborhood schools can serve children long before they enter kindergarten and provide meaningful support to parents and families before and during elementary school.

Our Early Works initiative demonstrates what happens when school districts, community partners, parents, and funders come together with a shared vision to support the early learning and healthy development of young children: Kids arrive at kindergarten ready to learn, parents feel welcome at the school and empowered to support their children’s learning, and the school community flourishes.



Located in the David Douglas School District in Southeast Portland, Oregon, Earl Boyles Elementary School is one of two Early Works sites.

The school serves a culturally and linguistically diverse group of low-income families. Through our comprehensive, community-based Early Works initiative, Earl Boyles now offers high-quality preschool, an Early Kindergarten Transition program, summer literacy programs, infant-toddler play and learn groups, a food pantry, and connections to housing and health care supports.

Since 2010, children at Earl Boyles have improved their kindergarten readiness and parents have become leaders in the community and empowered participants in their children’s learning. Going forward, Early Works aims to increase participation in 0–3 play groups and support children’s learning at home, ensuring all children in the area are ready for preschool and beyond.

Many partners, including the David Douglas School District, Mt. Hood Community College Head Start, and Multnomah Early Childhood Program, have come together to provide high-quality early learning programs and supports starting at birth, parenting education to engage families, and health supports and other social services for families.

Other partners also operate within the school, supporting early learning, engaging families, and offering health supports and other social services:

  • Children’s Book Bank
  • Home Forward
  • Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization (IRCO)
  • Latino Network
  • Metropolitan Family Services (MFS)
  • Mt. Hood Community College Head Start
  • Multnomah County Library
  • Multnomah Early Childhood Program (MECP)
  • Padres Unidos (Parents United)
  • Reading Results
  • SMART (Start Making a Reader Today)

As a community-driven initiative, Early Works must continue to be responsive to the needs of a diverse and changing population. Too many children from linguistically diverse backgrounds continue to enter preschool at Earl Boyles with low language skills, and too many families struggle to access the resources they need to support learning at home.

In the next phase of the initiative, we will deepen our work in early health and reduce academic disparities through culturally responsive teaching and learning from preschool through fifth grade.

Advocate for Children in Oregon

Advocate for Children in Oregon

Learn more about the programs and services in Oregon that support young children and families: home visiting, child care, early intervention, early childhood special education, and preschool.

Parenting is hard work, especially with young children. Fortunately, Oregon has great services and programs for families.

These include home visiting, child care, early intervention, early childhood special education, and preschool.

Home visiting improves child health and development, parental confidence, and school readiness. And it reduces maternal depression, child abuse, and low-weight births.

Today, home visiting reaches only 1 in 5 eligible families. What if every family who wanted these services could access them?

Oregon also helps many working families access quality child care by providing subsidies or, in some cases, paying for the full cost.

But many working families don’t have access to child care because there aren’t enough providers or it’s just too expensive. What if we could help more parents?     

Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education services support children with developmental delays and disabilities.

They help kids build skills and get ready for school.

But only 1 in 50 kids with high needs get the EI/ECSE supports they need. Where does that leave the rest?

Children who attend high-quality preschool are better prepared for kindergarten and more likely to graduate high school.

And the benefits of preschool last. Adults who attended preschool have better job prospects and better health.

30,000 children in Oregon could benefit from high-quality preschool. Imagine if all of them had that opportunity.   

From birth to age 5, kids grow and develop at an astonishing rate, and they need loving, nurturing environments and relationships.

Parenting young children is challenging, but together we can work to make it easier.   

Join Children’s Institute in advocating to expand home visiting, early intervention, early childhood special education, child care, and preschool so more kids and families have access to these proven supports and services.

You can make a difference.

And we need your voice.


Advocate for Children in Oregon

Learn more about our 2019 Policy Recommendations to support young children and families in Oregon and join our movement to let lawmakers know: Early Childhood Matters!

Oregon’s Early Learning Opportunity

Oregon’s Early Learning Opportunity

Oregon’s Early Learning Opportunity, featured at our 2017 Make It Your Business luncheon, is packed with data and underscores the impact of early environments on early abilities, the importance of third grade literacy, and the opportunity Oregon has by investing in proven approaches such as home visiting, Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education, and preschool, to change education outcomes statewide.


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