Early School Success Academy

Children’s Institute’s Early School Success Academy is a team-based experience for educators working to strengthen early learning (PK-3) in their communities. Many districts start with a focus on kindergarten through second grade or kindergarten through third grade.

In these sessions, educators work as a district team to plan changes in their school system alongside other teams working to address similar issues. The Early School Success Academy is a blend of facilitated team planning and professional development for early learning (PK-3) educators and partners.

All teams receive 5 coaching sessions throughout the school year scheduled at their convenience.

Children's Institute

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To learn more, contact Shawnté Hines
at shawnte@childinst.org

The Early School Success Academy is not like most professional development you may have experienced!

Who is it for?

District or school teams, including a designated team lead responsible for coordinating the work with the ESS Academy coaches. Other members may include principals, preschool and elementary teachers, early learning coaches, equity coaches, curriculum directors, early learning coordinators, counselors, dual language teachers, special education teachers, and community partners. We strongly believe in and encourage teams to have a range of diverse perspectives.

What does it consist of?

Networked learning with and from peers in other communities

  • Content focus: program development, early literacy, social emotional learning
  • Expert thought partnership from culturally specific organizations
  • Coaching, resources, and support from Community Design Partners and the Children’s Institute.

When is it?

October 24 2024
December 12 2024
February 06 2025
March 20 2025

All sessions held between 9:00am-3:00pm via Zoom

ESS Academy Pricing Packages for Districts and ESDs

Funding Sources to Consider: Title II, SIA, District/Contractual Professional Development, Regional Educator Network, Early Literacy Success District Grants, Early Literacy Success Birth through Five Plan, Early Learning Hub’s Kindergarten Partnership & Innovation Fund (KPI)

Culturally Specific Community Partners

Adelante Mujeres

Adelante Mujeres provides holistic education and empowerment opportunities to marginalized Latine women and families to ensure full participation and active leadership in the community. Read more about their work here.

Youth Organized and United To Help (Y.O.U.T.H)

Youth Organized and United to Help (Y.O.U.T.H)’s mission is to motivate, inspire and empower youth, family and educators to dismantle the school to prison pipeline by challenging existing systems and structures. Read more about their work here.

Center for African Immigrants and Refugees Organization (CAIRO)

As the Oregon’s largest black immigrant agency, CAIRO’s goal is to help develop the necessary support and tools for our families to become their own advocates and agents of change. Read more about their work here.

Strength-based Prevention, Intervention & Resilience Informing Teaching Strategies (S.P.I.R.I.T.S)

S.P.I.R.I.T.S’s mission is to weave a resilient basket of hope, fill it through culturally responsive strength-based methodologies for children, families, communities, and systems, to support educational and behavioral health strategies. To learn more about S.P.I.R.I.T.S, connect with Suzie Kuerschner.