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Children’s Institute shapes early childhood policy, secures public investments for early childhood programs and services, and works with school communities to strengthen early learning for children and teaching practices for educators.

Registration is open for the 2024-2025 Early School Success Academy!

Our Early School Success Academy is team-based learning experience for educators working to strengthen early learning in their communities, preschool to third grade. District or school teams participate in four virtual sessions between October and March and five coaching sessions scheduled at their convenience.

Why participate? You’ll join a network of educators across Oregon working to strengthen early learning in their school communities. You’ll also get access to rich content, expert thought partnership, coaching, resources, and a membership to our exclusive change library.

Early School Success Academy facilitator
Early School Success Academy class

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State of Preschool 2023 Yearbook Report

State of Preschool 2023 Yearbook Report

The National Institute for Early Education Research (NIEER) released the State of Preschool 2023 Yearbook. This annual report tracks preschool enrollment, funding, and quality across the United States. This year’s report highlights key findings on universal preschool and emerging trends nationwide.

The Power of Inclusive Classrooms at Gilbert Creek Development Center

The Power of Inclusive Classrooms at Gilbert Creek Development Center

In this episode, host Rafael Otto visits Grants Pass, Oregon, to talk with Shannon Bilbao and Susan Peck from Gilbert Creek Child Development Center. They discuss why inclusive classrooms are so valuable for the healthy development of all children and share examples of what they see in their classrooms. Tune in and share!


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It really does take a village to raise a child, and one Oregon community is committed to supporting all of their youngest residents. Deep in the heart of Douglas County in Yoncalla, parents, teachers, and community members are committed to building an ecosystem of community and care, with early learning as a driver.
More than ten years ago, Children’s Institute and the Ford Family Foundation recognized the importance of responding to the needs of remote rural communities in Oregon. In 2013, they launched Early Works, a long-term initiative built on a partnership with the Yoncalla School District.  

Since then, engaged and dedicated parents, families, and educators with a commitment to excellence in education have helped to transform an entire district, ensuring that children have access to high-quality early learning opportunities that prepare them for a brighter future. #GLRWeek2024 #focusonthegaps

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🌟 Our Early School Success initiative (ESS) is all about giving young children the best start in their education. 

🌟We started ESS because we believe that early childhood programs and the K-12 school system should work together to create high-quality learning experiences for kids that support their educational success and social-emotional learning. 

🌟Our collaborative approach with school districts helps them transform their practices to strengthen early learning programs and support alignment from preschool through grade 3.

🌟Beaverton School District is one of our ESS partners, and has demonstrated a deep commitment to support young learners, and improve outcomes for students and the community. 

🌟 This year, Vose Elementary School hosted Learning Labs to showcase the power of early learning and provide a space to nurture cross-district relationships and collaboration. 

It's almost time for Campaign for Grade-Level Reading's GLR Week 2024! We are excited to celebrate the week by sharing about our work to support early literacy efforts, and lift up how early learning partners are advancing early school success here in Oregon. 

Stay tuned for stories and resources in the coming week!

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