We’re working to make sure all kids have the love, care, and education they need.

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Early Childhood Coalition

Oregon’s Early Childhood Coalition includes more than 70 state and national organizations that work to advocate for young children and families. Children’s Institute serves as a coordinating member of the coalition and facilitates monthly meetings.

The 2023 Legislative Session
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What are five things you need to know about early childhood in Oregon? Read more. 

Oregon's Early Childhood Landscape

Get to know the programs and services that make up Oregon’s early childhood system.

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Strengthening Early Learning

Early Works and Early School Success

Our work with school communities across Oregon demonstrates what happens when school districts, educators, community partners, parents and families, and funders come together with a shared vision to support early learning and healthy development for young children. Kids thrive, families are engaged and empowered to support their children’s learning, and the school community flourishes.

Since 2010, we’ve helped build community-centered early learning programs that have transformed schools and created opportunities for young children and their families. That work continues to shape state policy and strengthen early learning, preschool through grade 5.

Early Works Initiative
Early Works Initiative kids at play

Health and Learning Initiative

The Health and Learning Initiative is a partnership between Children’s Institute, the Oregon Health Authority, and the Oregon Pediatric Improvement Partnership to transform the relationship between Oregon’s health care and early learning systems.

Our recent work developing an incentive metric for Coordinated Care Organizations focused on social and emotional health is the first of its kind in the nation.

Early Link Podcast

Tune In

The Early Link Podcast highlights national, regional, and local voices working in early childhood education and the nonprofit sector. The podcast is written, hosted, and produced by Rafael Otto, Children’s Institute’s director of communications.

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