The recently passed Student Success Act includes $400 million in investments in early childhood programs and services. This is big news, and not just for Oregon. Strategies for Children, a Massachusetts organization devoted to increasing funding for children from birth to age 5, discussed this historic investment today on their blog.

Oregon has scored a huge victory for its children—and set an example that other states should study—by enacting the Student Success Act, which will invest $2 billion in education, with 20 percent ($400 million) allocated for early education.

The article highlights the role of advocacy by Children’s Institute, other members of the Early Childhood Coalition, and voters from across the state in securing these investments. 

While Massachusetts is also in the process of reforming their K–12 system, Strategies for Children notes that funding for preschool is not currently part of the state’s plan. 

Unlike Oregon however, preschool funding is not on the table. So it will probably take a different effort – a new plan or bill — to significantly improve funding for early education and care.

As Massachusetts does this work, it should keep its eye on Oregon and look for strategies and approaches that could be used here. Oregon’s actions could come to fuel progress in Massachusetts and other states, eventually sparking a better pre-K–12 education for children across the country.

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