The Detour, Ep. 4: Talking about Belonging with Kids

Graphic introducing a new podcast episode: Talking about Belonging with Kids, in partnership with Oregon Humanities

by Suze Wehr




Our most recent episode is a co-production of the Oregon Humanities podcast, The Detour. The theme of this segment is belonging, and we talked with students at Fern Hill Elementary School in Forest Grove and Crestview Heights Elementary in Waldport about where they feel they belong and how to help others feel like they belong. You’ll also hear from a few adults who work at these schools about how they create a welcoming community inside and outside of the classroom.


Thank you to everyone at Fern Hill Elementary School and Crestview Heights Elementary for welcoming us into their schools. And thank you to Adam Davis, the host of The Detour, and the team Oregon Humanities for their collaboration and commitment to elevating student voices and perspectives.




More about The Early Link Podcast

The Early Link Podcast highlights national, regional, and local voices working in early childhood education and the nonprofit sector. The podcast is written, hosted, and produced by Rafael Otto, Children’s Institute’s director of communications.

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