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The 2024 ECC Legislative Agenda

This is a turquoise and white graphic announcing the 2024 ECC Legislative Agenda in bold type.

by Suzanna Stapler



The 2024 legislative session is almost here! And it is with excitement and determination that we share our Early Childhood Coalition priorities for this year. After a chaotic regular session in 2023, the Oregon Legislature has unfinished business in prioritizing young children prenatal through age 5 in this year’s short session. The session runs five weeks, from February 5 to March 10. Providers, families, and early childhood advocates from across Oregon will be calling for urgent investments to support early learning, child care infrastructure, and early childhood health.  

A crucial aspect of addressing Oregon’s deep-rooted issues of housing and addiction starts by creating equitable pathways for all children. We can do this by:  

    1. Making economic well-being possible for more families through Employee Related Daycare and expanding funding for child care facilities.  
    2. Providing inclusive education opportunities for our youngest learners through supporting the Birth to Five Literacy Plan and underfunded Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education programs across the state. 
    3. Stabilizing services that help families thrive including Relief Nurseries and programs through Nurse Family Partnership.  

This is a turquoise graphic with white text that shares a quote from the ECC Legislative Agenda: "“Investing in proven services for children, prenatal through age 5<br />
and their families, improves equitable opportunities now and prevents future challenges. Oregon must continue its progress and keep promises from previous sessions to invest in a brighter future for every child.”

As a coalition of early childhood advocates, we urge Oregon to continue its progress and keep promises from previous sessions to invest in a brighter future for every child. We may have a short session ahead, but the policies and programs on this agenda have critical implications for the long-term.  

Read the full agenda today and stay tuned for updates on the session via our social media channels. Thank you for your support and care for children! 


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