The Early Link Podcast is moving to the radio! We’re excited to join the Podcast Co-Op hosted by the Portland Radio Project (PRP). We’ll be airing new episodes on the second and fourth Sundays of the month at 4:30pm. 

In our first episode for PRP, we traveled to the city of Drain, Oregon in Douglas County, where a new health clinic has just opened, thanks to lots of community-based work involving schools, parents, and advocates in the region. The North County Health Clinic is operated by the Umpqua Community Health Center based in Roseburg.

We visited the clinic during their recent open house. We wanted to find out what it took to open the clinic, and why the community was motivated to do so. We spoke with several people from the Umpqua Community Health Center, also known as UCHC: Ruth Galster, the UCHC board chair, Mark Tsuchiya, the UCHC marketing and development director, and Kendra Bickham, a grant writer at UCHC and member of the Early Works leadership team at Yoncalla Elementary. I also spoke with Sara Ruiz Weight, a parent leader at Early Works, and Andy Boe, the superintendent for the Elkton School District.

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