Policy Update from Dana Hepper and James Barta: July 3

The Latest from Salem: May 10, 2019

Rafael Otto

May 10, 2019

Dana Hepper, director of policy and advocacy at Children’s Institute, and James Barta, strategic director at Children First for Oregon, provide a timely policy update on the current legislative session.

Key takeaways:

  • The Senate vote on HB 3427, which has passed the House and allocates $2 billion to education, continues to be delayed.
  • Approximately $400 million in this package is dedicated to early childhood.
  • Oregon Business and Industry is neutral on the bill.
  • Many Republican senators are pushing for further negotiations.
  • If the bill secures 18 votes in the Senate it will become law; it’s likely it will then be referred to voters.
  • Your voice matters! Use the link below to contact your senator.

Visit our policy page for more information about our full policy agenda.

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