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Early Works at Earl Boyles is featured in the U.S. Department of Education’s newly released descriptive study on P-3 implementation, “Case Studies of Schools Implementing Elementary Strategies: Preschool Through Third Grade Alignment and Differentiated Instruction.” The study highlights five early learning programs across the country focused on building fundamental school readiness skills (vocabulary, oral language development, and socio-emotional development) and sustaining those skills into the early grades.

The study identifies common approaches to alignment, concerns about the financial sustainability of intensive P-3 programs over time, and the benefits of professional learning communities (PLC) and parent engagement in enhancing the learning experiences of young children.

Early Works at Earl Boyles findings include the importance of parent engagement and teacher support. “School and district staff at Earl Boyles reported an increase in parental involvement since the implementation of their P–3 efforts. Staff reported that, as families have become more involved, students have been more successful academically.”

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