Oregon’s Kids Need Bold Leadership Now

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Our leaders must know that children are at the heart of a healthy and thriving state.

That’s why yesterday in the Sunday Oregonian, Kali Thorne Ladd, CI’s chief executive officer, and Whitney Grubbs, executive director of Foundations for a Better Oregon, made the call for Oregon’s next governor—whoever the voters ultimately choose—to commit to the kind of bold and visionary leadership that Oregon’s kids need during these challenging times. Our children are too important for this articulated vision not to exist. 

“Most young Oregonians are still struggling with the aftermath of an extraordinarily difficult few years. Helping them move forward is an urgent challenge and critical to the future of our state—and yet, we’ve heard astonishingly little about children throughout this year’s historic governor’s race,” write Thorne Ladd and Grubbs in the op-ed, featured Sunday, September 18.

Children’s Institute and Foundations for a Better Oregon are working to help advocates for Oregon’s kids align our voices to elevate children, education, and care in the issue environment. Together, we can make sure children are centered in everyone’s vision for the future of our state.




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