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Najia Hyder

Najia Hyder

Executive Director, Children’s Public Private Partnership (CP3)

Najia Hyder stepped into the role of Executive Director for the Children’s Public Private Partnership (CP3) in late 2019. CP3 is a public-private partnership with the Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS), focused on helping children safely exit foster care for permanent homes. For 18 years (2001 – 2019), Najia worked at Mercy Corps; an international humanitarian and development organization. Najia served in many roles at Mercy Corps including Regional Director for the Caucasus, Central & South Asia (2016 – 2019); Director of Global Field Programming (2011 – 2016); and Director of Leadership Development (2008-2011). Najia believes that complex issues are best addressed through value-added partnerships. She has nurtured partnerships for collective impact with an array of stakeholders, including local, national and international government actors, nonprofit organizations, universities, and the business industry. A graduate of the University of Oregon and an Oregonian since 1998, Najia grew up in Pakistan.

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