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Student Success Act Implementation

Through the Student Success Act (SSA), Oregon will allocate $1 billion in new education investments each year. Thanks to a dedicated Early Learning Account and flexible Student Investment Account, school districts, Early Learning Hubs, and communities can use this money to expand access to early learning opportunities and help kids grow into active, engaged learners who are ready for kindergarten. The resources on this page will help ensure these investments go toward reducing disparities and supporting young kids and families. 

Funding Early Learning to Reduce Disparities

Student Success Act (SSA) investments are allocated to three separate accounts. The Student Investment Account funds are to be used to meet students’ mental and behavioral health needs, and to increase academic achievement and reduce disparities for: students of color; students with disabilities; emerging bilingual students; students navigating poverty, homelessness, and foster care; and other students who have historically experienced disparities. This can include funding for early learning. Funds from the Early Learning Account will go toward early learning opportunities for kids under 5. 

Programs and Services Funded by the Early Learning Account

​The Early Learning Account can be used to fund:

  • Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education
  • Early Head Start
  • Healthy Families Oregon
  • Parenting Education
  • Relief Nurseries
  • Oregon Pre-K
  • Preschool Promise
  • Early Childhood Equity Fund
  • Professional development for early childhood educators
Using the Student Investment Account to Support Early Learning

The Student Investment Account can be used to:

  • Reduce class sizes
  • Increase instructional time
  • Provide a well-rounded education to all students
  • Improve student health and safety

School districts must engage with their community to determine how to spend Student Investment Account (SIA) funds. If the community identifies early learning as a priority, districts can allocate SIA funds toward increasing access to early learning opportunities. Districts can partner with their Early Learning Hub to do this.

To ensure SSA funding goes toward the programs and services communities need, it’s important for school districts and Early Learning Hubs to work together to engage their communities and set priorities to improve educational outcomes for children who have historically experienced disparities in Oregon’s schools. 

Watch this video to learn more about how hubs and districts can partner over the coming months to ensure SSA funds are put to the best use.  


Implementing SSA

Early Learning Hubs and school districts each have specific activities and deadlines to meet over the coming months to ensure SSA investments meet the needs of their communities. This timeline provides a broad overview of those deadlines. 

Connecting School Districts & Early Learning Hubs: Download this PDF for more detailed timelines of Hub and district activities and suggestions for collaborating to prioritize early learning. 

The resources below, organized by season, are designed to help school districts and early learning hubs effectively implement SSA.

Fall 2019


Winter 2019–2020


Downloadable resources coming soon!

Spring 2020


Downloadable resources coming soon!

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